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You may have retired your university laptop or been lucky enough to get a shiny new one last Christmas. Instead of leaving the old one lying around, ask us what you could sell it for. You might be surprised how much it’s worth!

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How do I sell my laptop?

Make sure your laptop is ready for sale by restoring factory settings. You are removing any personal data from the internal hard drive. Use an external hard drive to back up photos, music, videos, and other important data.

Once you have removed all data from the device, be sure to make it look as clean and like-new as possible – remove any stickers or decals and clean it with a screen wipe. Round up all of the laptop’s accessories, such as the power cable too (you can check the laptop’s user guide to remind yourself which accessories were included in the original packaging).

Once your laptop is ready for sale, you’re ready to create your listing! You’ll need to be as accurate with your item description as possible – buyers will appreciate your honesty. Make sure to take several photos of your laptop with a transparent background, including some that depict damage or general wear.

Is it safe to sell my laptop on webuyphones4u?

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